by DJ SmalltimE



SmalltimE's third ablum: 312

312 is DJ SmalltimE's third album as an independent artist. Not only does it showcase his maturation as a producer, 312 also pushes SmalltimE out of his realm with numerous blends of diverse genres. His first and only non-conceptual album to date is set to be a launching pad for the young producer's career in the Entertainment Industry.

Join the party and feel the sounds of Chicago's House Hustler!


All tracks composed, produced, mixed, & mastered by DJ SmalltimE.


released June 24, 2013

Ricky Izbicki/DJ SmalltimE. 312, Chicago, Illinois USA




SmalltimE Chicago, Illinois

Born & raised in Chicago he was born with talent & self-taught most instruments & Music software by 18. A former Columbia College Chicago student, he has the tools to succeed. An intuitive ear & passion are only a couple of his best traits, none compare to his ability to adapt. DJ SmalltimE composes, mixes, produces, masters, promotes, & publishes his own music. You can find him downtown in 04/13. ... more

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